Gates for residential use always recommended to be equipped with automation support which guarantee long-term reliability and also integrate with the existing design of the gate.  The swing gate operators are available with us has very thin structure, enabling the exceptional integration, which can be fastened without welding or bigger modification to existing gates.  In the event of a power failure, the gates can be switched to manually operated by using the key release system or automatically operated if a control panel with battery has been installed.

The new designs of electro-mechanical actuators for swing gates are available for residential, commercial and industrial applications.  They are designed and developed to ensure quality and strength, which makes your gate maintenance free and hassle free operational.  A complete series made up of a motor for wings up to 2.5 m up to 5 m.

The range of product details and specifications we deals in for different requirements and the capacities.

  • Leaf Capacity : 150 ~ 600kg
  • Operating Length : 1.500 ~ 5.000 mt
  • Voltage : 220v ± 10%
  • Power Consumption : 70W - 300W
  • Actuator Control : Lever-operated / Rotary limit switch(opt.)
  • Operating Speed : 350 - 500mm / Sec
  • Operating Degree : 110 - 130 degree
  • Thrust : 150 ~ 3000 N
  • Manual Release : Key Release

The special features of the products we use that makes it different from others and a versatile to fit all major size

  • Use in Timber/Metal/UPVC/Glass Framed Gates
  • Wall Mounting / Structural Mounting
  • Emergency Release Application
  • Fail safe/ Fail secure
  • Access with Remote Control Device
  • Self-learning controller
  • Safety Stop and Safety Reverse
  • Angled Gate Application
  • Customized Opening size
  • Obstacle Detection and Reversal system
  • Open-Close Time Setting
  • Partial Open / Close setting
  • Automatic Closing time setting
  • Soft Start - Soft Close

Some optional features available on demand for exclusive requirement depending on the business requirement and the criticality of the nature of area nd business type

  • Remote Control for wireless Operation
  • Battery back up support (for selected models)
  • Key Selector Switch
  • Safety Photocell
  • Alert Flash light