Retractable Gate is an admirable solution for the space which has limited stand by space to allow gate parking a side while in full open condition.  This gate solution consumes very small space to accommodate the unit while in open position.  These Retractable Gates are manufactured from high strength alloy aluminum material mounted with glittering silver, stainless steel and plastic plates accessories.  The products we deal in are equipped with wind-resistant device owing which enables to operate even in high speed winds and heavy storms.  Easy running, Soft starter and mechanical buffer device.  The precision designs and the anti-crash intelligent infrared double detectors makes it different from any other conventional gate.  Our products can be operated easily with the help of a Push Button or Remote and can be manually operated in case of power failure.

The range of Retractable Gate operators are suitable in different capacities and length which are suitable for organized residential society, apartment blocks, office buildings, sports complex, stadium, high traffic industrial and commercial premises, it can also be used for barricading while patrolling or crowd control for security arrangements.

The range of product details and specifications we deals in for different requirements and the capacities.

  • Material : Aluminum Alloy / Steel Alloy
  • Standard Height : 1.6 mt (can be tailored)
  • Operating Width : 5 ~ 100 mt
  • Voltage : 220v ± 10%

The special features of the products we use that makes it different from others and a versatile to fit all major size

  • Use in Aluminum / Steel / Stainless Steel
  • Partial Open Function
  • Access with Remote Control Device
  • Safety Stop and Safety Reverse
  • Customised Opening size
  • Customized Profile Designs
  • Inclined Application

Some optional features available on demand for exclusive requirement depending on the business requirement and the criticality of the nature of area and business type