High-speed doors are door systems, mainly used in industrial applications.  They are the technical enhancements of the basically known as sectional doors, PVC fabric doors or PVC roller shutters.  The main difference is that the durable construction provides a higher operating speed and they are able to sustain a higher number of cycles and require lower maintenance.  Depending on the application, horizontal or vertical operating door types are available. High opening speeds minimize the waiting time in front of the doors and thus accelerate the logistic processes, and control temperatures and pressure differences while saving energy, isolating clean areas from airborne contamination but still optimizing traffic flow.

This product is fairly suitable and widely used in industries like food & beverage industry, pharmaceutical processes, automobile industry, refrigeration area, chemical factory, supermarket sector, hanger zones.

The range of product details and specifications we deals in for different requirements and the capacities.

  • Door Width : 900 ~ 4500 mm
  • Door Height : 1000 ~ 4500 mm
  • Voltage : 220v ± 10%
  • Opening Speed : 0.8 ~ 1.5 m/s
  • Closing Speed : 0.8 m/s
  • Emergency opening : Manual by crank device

The special features of the products we use that makes it different from others and a versatile to fit all major size

  • polyester fabric PVC coated on both sides - availability of transparent PVC windows
  • Emergency Exit Application
  • Fail safe/ Fail secure
  • Access with Remote Control Device
  • Safety Stop and Safety Reverse

Some optional features available on demand for exclusive requirement depending on the business requirement and the criticality of the nature of area and business type

  • insulated curtain by polyester fabric PVC coated on one side and foamed on the other one - availability of transparent PVC windows
  • self-extinguishing
  • Master Keyed Switching