The Hermetic Sliding Door is suitable for special locations, which demand excellent air tightness, sound isolation, and radiation protection. The Hermetic Door uses polyurethane high-pressure forming technology, which allows the door to be lighter, while strengthening sound and heat isolation, and energy savings. This system is highly appreciated for its dust-proof, fire-proof, air-proof and radiation protection capabilities The Hermetic Sliding Doors use a specially designed track along with special rubber attached inside and bottom part of the door. In the closing process, the door compresses the rubber to the frame achieving the hermetic effect.

The range of  products in this category suitable for Special locations, which demand excellent air tightness, sound isolation and radiation protection depending on the need and the capacity required.

The range of product details and specifications we deals in for different requirements and the capacities.

  • Leaf Weight : 120 KG
  • Operating Width : 0.600 ~ 1.500 mt
  • Voltage : 220v ± 10%
  • Power Consumption : 100w
  • External Interface : Interface to BMS and Fire Alarm
  • Door Hold Open Time : 0 - 60 sec
  • Timing Adjustable : 25 - 600mm / Sec

The special features of the products we use that makes it different from others and a versatile to fit all major size

  • Anti-strike Strip
  • Observation Window
  • Excellent Air fitting
  • Sound Isolation
  • Radiation protection
  • Made from polyurethane high-pressure forming technology
  • Lighter door weight
  • Heat isolation
  • Energy saving
  • Keeps the room duet-proof
  • Made of 2 mm aluminum plate surface material

Some optional features available on demand for exclusive requirement depending on the business requirement and the criticality of the nature of area nd business type

  • Surface Material made from Aluminum composite plate
  • Aluminum composite plate color for surface
  • Ambient Temperature Range : 15°C~55°C
  • Relative Humidity : ≤ 85%
  • Operating Noise : ≤ 50db