There is always the need to keep both people and property safe from extreme threats such as aggressive criminal attack and unauthorized tress-passing; both in the public realm and on private land.  These systems are designed to withstand a higher usage and physical impact that standard systems, whilst still maintaining the same unobtrusive aesthetic to fit in with the local surroundings.

While all security systems give you some kind of protection, they can also be unsightly and potentially obtrusive in pedestrian areas.  The Automated Bollards are an effectively traffic calming solution that ensures controlled access to key areas, public places as well and private premises.  What’s more, they look outstanding and are installed to the highest possible standards. We can provide a range of site unique vehicle control systems using bespoke function and operational protocol, which means the products we deals are designed to work seamlessly for every application.

The range of  products in this category suitable for Airports, Banks, Pedestrian zones, Government buildings, Congestion zones, Residential areas, Commercial/industrial sites, Private security, Bus Depots,  Educational Institutes, Hospitals, Hotels, Logistic Facilities, Manufacturing Facilities, Railway Stations, Shopping Centers, Theme Parks Anywhere a gate or barrier system is impractical or Environmentally Undesired depending on the need and the capacity required.

The range of product details and specifications we deals in for different requirements and the capacities.

  • Function : Bollard / Cover
  • Gross Weight : 150kg
  • Operating Height : 0.500 ~ 600 mt
  • Operating Diameter : 200 - 250 mm
  • Voltage : 220v ± 10%
  • Power Consumption : 220W
  • External Interface : Interface to BMS and Fire Alarm
  • Lift Time : 4 - 6 sec
  • Timing Adjustable : 25 - 1300mm / Sec

The special features of the products we use that makes it different from others and a versatile to fit all major size

  • Fail safe/ Fail secure
  • Access with Remote Control Device
  • Customised Opening size
  • Customised Profile Colours
  • High-quality weather resistance metal cylinder
  • Interface with BMS
  • Pre-set time-based automatic operation
  • Key control operation

Some optional features available on demand for exclusive requirement depending on the business requirement and the criticality of the nature of area nd business type

  • Barrier Free Application for specially-abled
  • Break Out Option
  • Master Keyed Switching
  • Available in MS & SS metal casing

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